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Let Liv Tan take care of your skin and help you achieve the body and glow of your dreams! The Liv Tan experience exudes energy, excitement, and beauty through our world-class equipment and skin pruducts. Schedule and appointment with us today for a premium skin and tanning service that you deserve.



spray tan

Spray Tanning

Achieve that bronze, sun-kissed beach look! Liv Tan guarantees high quality tanning using world-class equipment that meets your lifestyle and budget.


Enjoy the look of a quick, but even tan while getting your ideal shade!

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Poly Machine

Having a hard time getting rid of acne and blemishes that makes your skin look uneven and dull? Liv Tan's cutting-edge skin care treatment Poly Machine leaves the skin looking radiant and smooth, making you confident to stand-out in the crowd.


Our Poly Skin Treatment uses only newest equipmet found in Central Florida, for optimal treatment results for your skin!

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Tanning Bed

Eveyone saying tanning beds are bad for you? Not anymore! Our line of Ergoline hybrid tanning beds gives you the best if both UV rays and red light therapy. Protect your skin and keep it healhty and moisturized with our luxury line of lotions and oils selected specifically for your skin type.


With Erogline, you can safely achieve your tan without burning and receive maximum results and lealth benefits. For our tanning beds, we make sure that our lamps are regularly changed and our gracious staff ready to give you a spa-like service!

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Benefits of Sunlight Exposure



Contrary to common belief, tanning done the right way actually protects your skin. It increases your body’s natural SPF. As you tan with UV rays, melatonin builds up in your skin and blocks the harmful effects of those same rays. So the more tan you are, the more resistant you are to sunburns!




The UVB rays in sunlight causes your body to produce vitamin D, which does everything from supporting bone and muscle health to combating aging in skin. It even reduces acne! Consistent and smart exposure to sunlight can also help prevent cancer and even boost weight loss.




Ever felt better after spending time in the sun? Exposure to sunlight also increases your endorphins and helps regulate your mood and fight depression. Tanning consistently can boost your emotional health and help you feel better


Lakeland Premier Tanning Experience


Smart Tan Certified Staff

With over 15 years in the industry, we have the experience and expertise to give you a one-of-a-kind tanning experience. All of our staff are Smart Tan certified, so we help you feel comfortable with tanning, answer your questions, and fully explain the process so you know what to expect. Our Smart Tan process helps you get the ongoing benefits of consistent, controlled exposure to UV rays. Our SunClub membership gives you affordable access to these benefits - visit us to feel the refreshing difference Smart Tanning makes!


Comfortable & Unforgettable Experience

At Liv Tan, we believe tanning should be something you look forward to. From the lighting to the equipment to the background music, we go above and beyond to create a comfortable, safe environment where you feel calm. Each of our team members are passionate about the benefits of moderate sunlight for the body. We’re dedicated to providing an elite experience for each client. From beginning to end, you’re fully taken care of! Visit us for a tour to experience how fun tanning can be!


Luxury Equipment

Our equipment is the best in the business and the best in the Lakeland area. We house the only Ergoline hybrid bed in Polk County, which gives you the full health benefits of UV rays and red light therapy. Each bed has tested and approved technology that gives you a beautiful tan with consistent use. You can look and feel better with the best tanning experience in the business!